10 Steps to Creating Your Own Personalized Wedding Favors

We know that weddings can be a stressful time, but we are here to help make your day go more smoothly. Whether you choose to hire a wedding planner to help out along the way or you’re on your own, we think that you should make sure that you keep it personal.

Your wedding day is unique to YOU. This is the first step on your lifelong journey. We feel that you and your future spouse should both be reflected in every aspect of the event.

Creating your own favors can be the perfect personal touch to your day. You want to do something that guests will appreciate and remember. There are hundreds of different types of favors you can provide for your guests as a souvenir and a token of your appreciation of their attendance. 

Various themes call for different types of favors. From handing out jars of homemade jams to bottles family-distilled whiskey, personalized matchboxes to custom printed cozies, wedding favors come in all shapes and sizes.

Although these ideas are cute, we want to keep it simple, chic, and cheap. In several wedding showers we have helped to host, we’ve worked to make simple boxes using scrap booking paper and a simple template we found online. Though cutting out each box, and folding and gluing them can be tedious, we loved the result.  


This can be a fun project for you and your bridesmaids, family members, and friends. We chose to fill the boxes with small candies (m&m’s, mike&ike’s, Red Hots, butter mints, Hot Tamales, jelly beans and
Skittles have been our biggest crowd pleasers). The best part is being the box candy-filler (the box manufacturers will be too busy to notice a missing handful or two!).

First you’ll need to purchase your supplies; scrapbooking paper that is consistent with your wedding color palette or theme, scissors or a paper cutter, glue and any additional tools such as stamps, a paper scorer, ribbon, and glitter.

When it comes to the paper, search for something fun and unique. Also consider the thickness of your paper. We’ve found that a sturdier stock paper works best for these boxes.

Consider whether or not you will want to customize the boxes further. We recommend a stamp. You can press your initials onto the boxes and offer a more personalized favor for your guests. If you choose to use stamps, you’ll need to make sure you stamp the boxes before folding them.

There are several places online that you can purchase a monogram stamp for your wedding. These are adorable and you can use them after the wedding too! You can spend anywhere from $15 to $45 on these stamps, depending on what you want, so look around before you buy!

monogram_circle-stamps-three_designing_women-black stampsweetly_antique-stamps-three_designing_women-black  

Making your boxes:

1. Print off your templatesmbox

2. Cut your template out (we recommend you laminate this to make it easier for re-use)

3. Trace your template onto your scrapbooking paper

4. Stamp your monogram onto the preferred side of your cube

5. Use your paper scorer (or a pencil can work too) to crease your folds for a clean, professional look

6. Glue the sides of your boxes to make sure they are sturdy enough to hold your contents

7. Let your boxes set, allow time for the glue to dry

8. Pour candy into your cubes

9. Garnish with a ribbon

10. Repeat steps 1-9 until you have accommodated all of your guests

These boxes will be sure to please your guests and add a small touch of YOU to one of most overlooked aspects of your big day. We know you will love creating these with your wedding party. Make a day out of it; start with brunch or a lunch (full workers are happy workers).

As always, be sure to keep CUT in mind, we want it to be Chic, uniform, and tasteful.