Who Wants Cake?

jack phillips

In the past few years there have been more and more articles concerning homosexual marriages and the wedding industry. Recently there have been some articles regarding several different bakeries that have refused to makes cakes for same sex couples. 

The Case

One bakery in Colorado has received ample publicity surrounding their case. Masterpiece Cakeshop in Denver, stood on their Christian principles and denied an order from a gay couple. The co-owner of Masterpiece, Jack C. Phillips said that as firm Christian believers they would not serve their cakes at a gay ceremony.

The couple, Charlie Craig and David Mullins, were able to find another bakeshop willing to provide a cake for their celebration. However, Craig and Mullins filed a lawsuit against Phillips. A Colorado judge, Robert N. Spencer, ruled against Phillips’ assertion that the Constitution’s 1st and 14th amendments should guard him from the government trying to control how he practices his religion.

Phillips views his cake decorating as a form of artistic expression, he argued that the government edict that was put into effect was violating his freedom of expression. But the judge waived this argument, stating that a private business does not have the right to refuse service to whomever they choose.

Personal Stand

As a Christian in the same industry, I have been interested in these articles. When considering all of these instances, I am torn. I grew up in a conservative Christian home, with strong values that have been enforced and lived out by my parents. I believe that homosexuality is a sin, according to the Bible such as in Leviticus 20:13 and Deuteronomy 12:31. 

While I do believe that homosexuality is a sin, I began to consider what reaction would be to a situation like the one Phillip’s faced. God also teaches Christians to love those who fall short of his glory, for we are all sinners. The debate might concern how much love we are to give others, without supporting and even promoting their sins.

My conclusion is that, I would agree with Phillips in standing up for my right to practice my religious beliefs. While I would love and pray for a homosexual couple who approached Big Hat Events, I would feel that my beliefs take precedent. I would feel that it would compromising my own beliefs to support a homosexual couple in their union.

We stand firm in our beliefs, but also choose to love all individuals despite their decisions, recognizing that we all have sinned and are therefore unholy in the eyes of our Creator.


Welcome to Big Hat


My name is Leah. Planning and executing events is my passion.  This is one area where my creativity is allowed to spill over and be used for something tangible for others to enjoy.  Creating a hub of family, friends, and fellowship surrounded by classy decor in a tasteful, appropriate venue is a thrill all its own.

Ever since I was young I have loved all things art. Painting, sketching, sculpting, the list goes on and I have dabbled in nearly every medium. When I decided not to attend a fine arts school, I chose instead to pursue a degree in communication with an emphasis in Public Relations in hopes of partnering with some close friends to build my own company.

The first event I planned was a surprise party for my Mom who had been away for a week-long vacation with her sisters. At the age of twelve, my decorations consisted of a homemade crayola-colored “Welcome home, Mom!” sign, cut out colored hearts, and a few flat balloons. But, her reaction made me want to plan parties for the rest of my life. She swooped me up into a bear hug, and told me she had never felt so loved.

“Big Hat Events” is a name that my cousin, Jill and I came up with when considering the type of events we would like to be associated with as event planners. Our hope is to always produce classy events, with a sweet disposition and chic charm. This blog  is our kick-start. We will showcase the latest trends of the industry, post ideas and input, contribute research regarding venues, photographers, florists, caterers etc. Obviously our information and research will be geared toward–what we describe as–Big Hat Events.

I hope you will enjoy our posts, and continue to visit blog for information, motivation, and inspiration.

Feel free to contact me at leahjfanning@yahoo.com with any questions or comments.

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