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With the internet booming, nearly anything can be found online. Wedding planning,  is no exception. Though there are many useful sources available to frantic brides, penny pinching father’s, and overbearing mothers, Style Me Pretty reigns supreme in our eyes.

Some of the aspects of Style Me Pretty that make it an effective source include its consistency in theme, user-friendly layout and organization, simplicity of site navigation, appropriate color palette, and provides readers with well-written content.


Theme, Color Palette, & Organization

This particular theme is whimsical and light. There is an airy feel that suggests a aura of white, fluffy, lacey, delicacy. It does an excellent job of embodying a wedding day. A plain white background, colored with black texts with blue accents make the site appear both cheerful and readable. Everything is well-organized and clearly marked for the accessibility of the reader.  All of the links house galleries full of varying options, such as the category “DIY  Projects” which is split into wedding decor, flowers, favors & gifts, cakes and desserts and many others.

Site Navigation

SMP also makes navigating their site quick, simple, and understandable. Each of their links takes you directly to the gallery specified by the tab. Within those galleries are other galleries to choose from, like I explained previously. There are numerous options for you to explore while planning your big day. SMP even provides you with galleries full of other weddings to use as your inspiration. At the end of one page of a gallery, in the bottom right hand corner SMP provides a “next” button, as well as a “previous” option for easy navigation between pages. SMP also provides the links to their other wedding blogs that are divided by region (like The Midwest, New England, The Southeast, and the Mid-Atlantic) to simplify further the process for those who are planning.

Written Content

The writers of SMP draw you in and make you feel as though you are experiencing these events with them. Whether it is creating your own floral arrangements, learning to apply wedding day make up, or a review of someone’s big-day-done-right, these writers are talented. It is likely you won’t stop at just one, usually we catch ourselves reading four or five articles at a time. They are short, sweet and informative. There is nothing about them that we don’t condone!

Overall Style Me Pretty is an excellent source for planning your wedding. Their additional blogs are written and styled with the same tasteful elegance and simplicity. We appreciate what they have done for the industry and we know you will love it too!

Photos by Style Me Pretty