“I Present to You Mr. and Mrs…”

There are so many details that are so meticulously decided when planning a wedding. We understand that your head will be spinning. But one decision we recommended that you really, I mean really think about, is who will officiate your ceremony.

The officiant can make or break your big moment, your “I do” that is seen as foundational for the rest of your marriage.

Refer to Buffalo Bride
In an article written by Jill Jaracz on Buffalo Bride’s website called “Selecting Your Wedding Officiant,” does a great job of summing up how to designate the responsibility of presenting you and your new spouse to the world.

Who to Choose?
Jaracz says that a lot of couples like to make it personal by having a close family member perform the ceremony. But she cautions, make sure that they take it seriously there use you might end up with a wedding catastrophe on your hands. Some times people who aren’t used to speaking in front of a large crowd, or any size crowd for that matter, tend to get nervous and might forget their lines.

Just make you sure they know what you expect and how you want them to present themselves during the ceremony. Let he or she practice and make sure they are comfortable before the big day.

It is your job to make sure that your officiant is prepared if he or she is not a professional. Choose wisely, and check reviews online if you are going with someone other than a family member or close friend.

Jaracz suggests checking online resources like Instagram or YouTube to see how an officiant performs. Reading reviews can be helpful in determining if a particular officiant will fit into how you see your big day panning out. Make sure you meet with more than one candidate before determining who will present you as a couple to your family and friends.

Regardless of who married you, your day will be special because it is the beginning of a lifelong commitment with the one you love. Even though we stress all of these little details, keep that in mind!


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